Overall design and creative direction for Seed. Includes packaging, web/digital, social, growth, and all other aspects of design for the brand.

Design Director: Yuji Sakuma
Designers: Calvin Chin, Sam Kotrba, Isaac Grothe, Young Sun Compton.
Photographer: Marcus Meisler
BioArtists: Tal Danino, Soonhee Moon


Branding project for FNDR. Included logo mark and overall creative direction. Designed while at Use All Five.

Creative Director: Yuji Sakuma
Designers: Mindy Nguyen, Ben Kasum
Photographer: Asato Iida

Mr. Leight

Web design for the launch of luxury optical brand Mr. Leight. Designed while at Use All Five.

Designer: Yuji Sakuma

Faraday Future

Design for electric vehicle startup Faraday Future. Included branding and art direction as lead designer on the brand imaging team. 

Designers: Yuji Sakuma, Bryce Shawcross, Jordan Leal, Andrew Chen
Photographer: Tyler Adams
Custom Typography: Grilli Type

ABC (Accessible Brand Colors)

A simple and free tool to check contrast for ADA compliance. Designed while working at Use All Five.

Designer: Yuji Sakuma

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